We like to keep our rates simple and transparent:

We charge $150USD/hour.
The first 10 hours are on us.

This is our process:

1. Ballpark estimate.

During this step we discuss the project, explore possible solutions, and prepare and ballpark estimated time and cost range. This usually takes ~6 hours. We will likely meet twice, around 2 hours total.

2. Rough mockups

We start mocking up the user flow and interface. We review the functionality in more detail and start preparing a cost estimate for each task. The estimate is adjusted to a more accurate figure. This process usually takes ~15 hours. We will likely meet three times, around 3 hours total

3. Detailed mockups and task list

At this stage, mockups are more elaborate – although still in grayscale. We prepare a detailed list of tasks and time estimate. This step can vary based on the size of the project, but a moderately sized project should take ~30 hours.

4. Creation of product

At this point we switch to writing code. The scope of work at this point depends on the requirements of the project, but whenever possible we like to build on top of a third party SaaS solution. This approach can keep costs as low as 30 hours. A custom MVP application can vary in size, but a range of 50-150 hours is likely.

5. Launch, Measure, and Iterate

We are ready to go live! The initial version launches, is measured, and changes or additional functionality is planned. This is an ongoing process, at the disgression of the client.